An nft based game by eleven B studios

This system returns power to players, allowing them to trade with one another directly, without intermediaries that might limit their ability to claim ownership of in-game assets, we start our journey with the once in a lifetime pack


Deamons editioN

Combining these 3 legendary nfts will grant you 0.0025 percent earnings of the game forever, the earnings are split and ditributed at the end of each year, combined, they are estimated at 2.5k$ at the start of the game subscribe to get notified for the minting day, first to come is first to serve limited packs are available, subscribe to our news letter to get notified about the mining day

Story of the gamE

Bragi has devised a plan on behalf of Odin, which involves using musical trials to uplift the spirits of the einherjar and bolster their warrior mentality. The goal is to provide entertainment while simultaneously boosting morale, The most skilled musicians from various races and realms have been invited to compete in the trials for a chance to become one of the Aesir gods.



The demon race is well-known throughout various cultures they are dwelling in Nifelheim . They are primarily known for their demonic genre of metal music, characterized by fast rhythms, and it is the most prominent aspect of their cultural identity .


The cyborgs, an evolved form of humanity, sought to increase their power, and as a result, many humans began to merge their organic bodies with cybernetic technology. This fusion allowed them to achieve greater strength and evade death. These individuals, who primarily reside in Midgard, are best known for their EDM music, which is recognized for its energetic rhythms, beats, and ability to build hype .

Mint weeK

During Mint Week, you will have a unique opportunity to double your chances of acquiring legendary NFTs and enjoy a 50percent discount on all mystery box tiers, which is a once-in-a-lifetime offer .